Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Blog! -Intro-

Need a computer but you don't want to pay for more than what you need?
So many choices, don't know what to choose?
All these extra options available to purchase at the store?  What to take?  What do they do?
Looking to buy a super-duper high tech computer and you don't know where to get it?
Should I buy that Anti-Virus Software they recommend?
Is that used computer a steal or am I being scammed?
Should I upgrade now or later?  Should I upgrade or buy new?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions this is for you, simply read on!


My name is Alex and I am a third level student in Algonquin College's Computer System Technician program.

As I was looking through flyers from some big computer stores out there, I came to realise that they try to get customers to buy what they don't need to make bigger


To try and avoid that, I've decided to start a little project : The Computer Made Simple.

My goal?  To help you, the reader, to make the right choice and save you that hard-earned money.

Should I buy an anti-virus?  You could, but there are some great free options out there.
Will my computer be safe?  What about hackers?  Like all thieves, if they want to break in they will, but know how to protect yourself and they will go after easier

targets.  If you lock your front door and your neighbor doesn't, chances are pretty good they will leave you alone.
Which laptop is best for me?  What should I be looking for?
My computer is slow, do I need a new one?  What can I do to speed it up?
My hard drive is full, HELP!

Did you know that big box stores charge you simply to open your computer and look at it?  Sometimes some problems are very easy to solve and only require a screw

driver, a little patience and little knowledge that Internet or I can provide.

I also build custom systems to help with special needs, extreme gaming machine required, lots and lots of graphic work and video editing, like to listen to music and

want a silent system?  I can help you there.  Want to try watercooling?  Yes, a computer cooled with water and a radiator!  Send me an email with questions!

Part of my project is a blog that I will update every week with some helpful tips and tricks :

Got specific questions?  Need help in the Ottawa area?  Give me a shout :

I am fairly busy with school, but will answer everyone!

Keep your eyes open out there and surf safe!

Alex (TCMS)


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